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Finding the Bad Apple in Your Regular Expressions
Every modern programming language supports regular expressions. They are powerful tools to interact with data. They are also prone to a variety of mistakes, with consequences ranging from decreased readability, over logical errors, to performance degradation or even denial of service.

During this webinar, we will use descriptive examples to demonstrate:
- Some common mistakes while writing regular expressions
- How Sonar can detect problematic expressions
- Limitations of static analysis in this context
- Techniques to improve regular expression performance and defend against malicious inputs.


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Johann Beleites
Software Engineer @Sonar
Johann is a Java/Kotlin software engineer at Sonar, part of the team developing static code analyzers for Java and Kotlin, as well as Scala, Ruby, Go, and Apex. He was core contributor to the SAST engine developed by RIPS Technologies and integration of said engine into the Sonar products. He received a BA in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge and a MSc in IT-Security from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.