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Clean Code: Your software done right
Software has become the core of all organizations. With the growing complexities and fast-changing market dynamics, businesses need to ensure that their software is not only functionally accurate, but also secure, reliable, operable, and maintainable.

In this webinar, we’ll talk about Clean Code – the ideal state of any software. We’ll cover how a Clean Code mindset and best practices, regardless of the size of your org or the state of your codebase, can extend your application’s longevity and help you stay relevant. Learn how to achieve this with minimal investment and effort from your development team.

Who is this intended for: Developers, Managers & Leadership Execs new to Sonar


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Fabrice Bellingard
VP of Products @Sonar
Fabrice joined SonarSource in 2010 to bring his passion for Clean Code to millions of developers around the world. Prior to that, he was a software developer working on several open-source projects (from Eclipse to Apache) and a CTO for a startup focused on software quality. As the VP of Products today, Fabrice leads the Product Management team to bring innovative capabilities that help developers write better code.
Kirti Joshi
Sr Manager, Enterprise Product Marketing @Sonar
Kirti Joshi leads the Product Marketing team at SonarSource. She started her career 18 years ago writing code for hardware and software products. Over the last 7 years, she has been passionate about helping create awareness for open source and commercial tools that help developers innovate and be efficient with the applications they write.